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Forced to Work on Night Shift, a Female Labor Found Dead in Toilet

Sukabumi - A female worker of PT Nina II, Sumarni Lidiawati, was found dead sitting in the plant toilet. Sumarni, who lived in Pasir Kolotok village, RT 04 RW 12, Cibadak, Sukabumi, died at around 4.30 pm, as she was working on her night shift, Friday (4/29/2016). It was concluded that her death was caused by the night shift.

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The allegation was convinced as there was no wounds on Sumarni’s body. Upon knowing
his sister has died, Dayat felt remorseful. On the other hand, Dede confessed that the
company is supposed to help sick workers.
“If there is a sick worker, the company should help them instead of forcing them to keep working,” said Dede.
PT Nina II is one of the base of the Federation of Independent Trade Union (GSBI). Hence, to
notice this issue, Kokom Komalawati, a female worker who used to work for Adidas and actively
unionize in GSBI, expressed that she repents the incident.
"After what happened to Sebastian, now Sumarni’s case has befallen. This case has revealed the lack of supervision from Manpower Office and it has proved that health, safety, and the reinforcement of night shift have not been monitored properly,” said Kokom to, Saturday (4/30/2016).
The head of DPC GSBI for Sukabumi Regency, Dadeng Nazarudin said that he and his team
will prosecute the case is investigated thoroughly.
“There has to be a decisive measure, if the employer is found guilty, then we are all from DPC GSBI Sukabumi, will join the police to inspect and investigate,” said Dadeng.
The death of Sumarni has become a knockdown for the GSBI, in approaching the world's labor day. This is an evidence that the company has arbitrarily imposed long shift, from night to morning. As a consequence, the workers who sick still have to come to work.
“Aside from that, the government seems to let everything goes, so the company does anything uncontrollably,” revealed Dadeng.
PT Nina II is a manufacturing company specializes in wig production. It is located in Gang
Metro village, Parungkuda, Sukabumi Regency.

PT Sinar Wira Tehnik Complied A Claim Made By PPMI Karawang, Karawang – A demonstration held by Branch Representative Council (DPC) of Indonesian Muslim Workers’ Brotherhood (PPMI) of Karawang Regency, was took place in front of PT Sinar Wira Tehnik at KM 4 of Raya Kosambi Curug Street, Klari, Karawang, West Java, on Wednesday (10/6/2015), the management of the company has started promoting a number of their contract-laborers to permanent laborers.

[caption id="attachment_264" align="alignleft" width="300"]ppmi mass The mass of PPMI (Illustration). Photo by: Hadi Tri Wijaya[/caption]

About the elevation of laborers that their former status was Employment Agreement on Certain Period of Time (PKWT) then become Employment Agreement on Indefinite Period of Time (PKWTT), in accordance with the clam made by laborers of PPMI Karawang in their previous protest. The good news was then reported by the Chief of Advocacy Sector of PPMI Karawang, Taopik Zaenal Muttaqin via his Facebook account, named M Aldy ALghifary, on Wednesday, June 17, 2015.
“Alhamdulillah, congratulations for the board and members of PPA (Brotherhood of Members and Workers –red) PPMI in PT. Sinar Wira Tehnik that have been received a Decree of PKWTT. May God blessed them and may they will be able to be responsible and well-mannered people in struggling for the members’ rights. Long live PPMI!!! Allahuakbar!!! Allahuakbar!!!” wrote Taopik on his Facebook acoount, as quoted by, on Thursday, June 18, 2015.

When he got in touch with the Editorial Staff of, Taopik said that the promotion was gradually accomplished by the management of PT. Sinar Wira Tehnik towards forty members of PPMI who work for the company, till the end of 2015. In this first period, which implemented on Tuesday, June 16, 2015, there were five people got their status promoted as PKWTT.
“In the conformity of our demand, the Decree (Surat Keputusan –red) of PKWTT has been issued. The elevation process is assigned gradually. Five people were promoted as per June 16, 2015. The total number of PPMI members there were forty people,” stated Taopik when he was giving a concise report. He added, they will be kept watching the implementation of laborers’ status alteration until the status of all PPMI’s members in the company had change to PKWTT.

As previously been reported by, PPMI of Karawang held a protest in front of PT. Sinar Wira Tehnik related to unclear working status of laborers. Beside, the laborers have not yet gotten health insurance from the company. In the end, the company then pledged to make an improvement on the aforementioned issues.

On the same day, before going to PT. Sinar Wira Tehnik, there were about two hundreds mass laborers of PPMI Karawang also held a similar action in the front of PT. Bangun Perkasa Adhitama Sentra (BPAS), on Raya Klari Street, Karawang. They demanded the management of PT. BPAS, which produces boards made from cement as a replacement of plywoods, namely GRC (Glassfibre Reinforced Cement) Board to rehire their member, Dadan who is subjected to unilateral Termination of Employment (PHK).

Source: Bahasa Indonesia

The West Java Alliance Succeed to Cancel Employment Regional Regulation

cancellation of employment regional regulation, Karawang – The act supporting the revocation of Regional Regulation Number 4 by 2014 on the Implementation of Employment in West Java, doesn’t ended up in vain. On March 4, 2015, the West Java Alliance (Aliansi Jabar) filed a judicial suit review to Supreme Court and Ministry of Home Affairs (Mendagri) and delivered a copy to Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration (Kemenkertrans).

Some provisions that highly refused by the laborers are: all employment agreement (including PKWT (Employment Agreement for a Certain Period of Time/ Contract-based) to be made verbally; to completely remove provisions of PKWT to a work with 3 years maximum time of employment (article 50 paragraph 1), the company and labor unions can be appointing various types of PKWT work to be registered to the official service (article 50 paragraph 2); an outsourcing-relation cannot be converted into an employment-relation with an employing employer (article 58 paragraph 2).

This means, if the regulation is implemented, it would be a significant threat to the fate of laborers in West Java, even Indonesian laborers, especially for contract and outsourcing laborers. Employers get infinite rights to rule the contract labor and outsourcing labor, also with a verbal employment agreement. As a prominent industrial region, West Java will become a reference for other regions.

The laborers’ claim had been drifting for two months without any clarity, till April 28, they finally got news that Kemendagri recommended to revoke the regulation. The representative of the laborers came to Ministry of Home Affairs to urge the cancellation. The Legal Bureau of Ministry of Home Affairs confirmed that the regulation can be cancelled.

On May 20, 2015, the mass of West Java Alliance came to Ministry of Home Affairs and once again insisted the cancellation of regulation that called plot. In the negotiation, Kemendagri didn’t dare to re-assure (revised the previous answer), thus it made the people fed up. Moreover, the officials of Kemendagri explained that the existence of regulation has been negotiated between the Parliament of West Java and the representatives of laborers’ union that demanded revision. This caused West Java Alliance questioning the role of labor unions that settled on LKS Tripartit, West Java.
“It wasn’t us, Sir. We never had a protest there,” explained the representative of West Java Alliance, Wahidin.

Up to the evening, the mass didn’t geta certain response and decided to visit the house of Minister of Home Affairs, Tjahjo Kumolo. This immediately became sensational scene. The representatives were being called again to have a negotiation and an outlook over the regulation that could be repealed. The mass was asked for patience to wait for the progress.

After the protest, the representatives should be to Kemendagri for several times, as counted on May 22, 2015 and again accepted by th Head of Assessment and Evaluation of Legal Products Regional II, Kunto Bimaji. The representatives felt dejected, as the cancellation letter hasn’t yet issued, in the end they requested Kunto Bimaji to sign for a declaration letter (minutes) will be invalidating Perdanaker of West Java, also delivering notification letter of protests from a number of institutions and official residence of Minister of Home Affairs on May 26 to 29, 2015.

Eventually, on June 4, 2015, Mendagri issued a ministerial decree number 560-2492 year 2015 that repeal 17 provisions of Regional Regulation number 6 year 2014 of West Java on the Implementation of Employment. To respond this matter, West Java Alliance can only wait for Governor of West Java to file an objection to the President within 14 working days.

As there weren’t any objections, then on July 3, 2015, West Java Alliance gathered in Karawang to create an open letter to the Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan, also to announce and socialize the ministerial decree in order to be used together to fight against the greediness of the employers.

(All advocacy documents archived by Solidarity Foundations)

Photo: Julian/PPMI.

PPMI Karawang Constructs 9,000 Residences for Laborers, Karawang – Labor housing program proposed by Indonesian Muslim Workers Brotherhood (PPMI) of Branch Representatives Council (DPC) Karawang Regency apparently not only a trial program. Evidently, they plan to provide residences for laborers in multitudes amount. The amount itself is provided in a large scale, about 9.000 residences will be prepared by PPMI Karawang, specifically for laborers in the nearby area.

[caption id="attachment_280" align="alignleft" width="300"]housing program A banner to socialize PPMI housing program.[/caption]

According to the Head of Residence Team of PPMI Karawang, Odin Liana – who implements the program – they cooperate with a housing developer, PT. Graha Artha Kencana. The houses will be established in Citra Swarna Grande Residence, located in East Karawang. It is built for members of PPMI that reside in the surrounding area.
 “We are in cooperation with PT. Graha Artha Kencana as a housing developer, will provide approximately 9,000 housing units for the laborers. Yesterday, there was a credit covenant in Citra Swarna Residence which a premiere contract (Thursday, June 25, 2015) with the total construction will be up to 9,000 units,” explained Odin Liana, the labor who familiarly called Kang Odeg, directly to, Sunday (28/6/2015)

Previously in 2013, PPMI Karawang has established more than a hundred residences in Citra Swarna Pratama Residence, Central Karawang, it was their first housing program. In November 2013, when the houses started to be inhabited by the laborers, PPMI continued the program to Palumbon Asri Residence, West Karawang, with the total 500 housing units.

This year, the program constantly going with the construction focus area in Citra Swarna Grande Residence, East Karawang. As a first stage, there were 110 laborers have been signed a purchase agreement for proprietary ownership of the houses, on Thursday, June 25, 2015. PPMI Karawang plans to build 9,000 houses in the aforementioned region.

As formerly reported by, the credit application process is way easier with a less payable installment. A labor who have been a permanent worker only needs to submit an ID Card, Family Card, BPJS Manpower card and Employee Card. After a booking process, he will be available to fill an administration application.

In addition, they don’t have to pay for a down payment, as it has been guaranteed by Loan for Housing Down Payment (PUMP/ Pinjaman Uang Muka Perumahan) from BPJS Manpower. Thus, they only need to pay Rp 3,5 million for administrative payment from the total price Rp 110 million. Then they only need to pay the installment, starts from hundreds rupiahs to Rp. 1,1 million per month in a range of 10, 15 and 20 years.

Source: Bahasa Indonesia

On the Eve of Eid Day, Laborers of PPMI Karawang Own New Residences, Karawang – Labor housing program initiated by Indonesian Muslim Workers’ Brotherhood (PPMI) DPC Karawang Regency keeps on progressing. This year PPMI continues the program in East Karawang area. As a result, many laborers have signed purchase agreement for the proprietary ownership of the residence. There are chances that the purchase agreement will be rising during 2015.

[caption id="attachment_276" align="alignleft" width="300"]construction of ppmi residence PPMI residential area construction. Photo by: Julian.[/caption]

As in East Karawang, the housing program takes place in Citra Swarna Grande Residence. On Thursday (June 26, 2015), PPMI Karawang has organized the purchase agreement for proprietary ownership of the residence, between the laborers and housing developer, as an official launching of the program. At this first stage, about 110 laborers who work around the area have signed the purchase agreement.
“110 people had signed the credit covenant in Citra Swarna Grande Residence and this was the first round of contract, due the newest housing project in eastern Karawang. On Thursday, June 25, 2015 as the premiere credit agreement and may this can be a homecoming gift from PPMI Residence Team, as the laborers are going to go to their hometown,” said the Head of PPMI Karawang Residence Team, Odin Liana who led the program, Sunday (28/6/2015).

PPMI Karawang had been starting the labor housing program since 2013. At that time, they established hundreds of houses for laborers in Central Karawang area, precisely in Citra Swarna Pratama Residence. In Novemebr 2013, the residences started to be inhabited by the laborers. Then, they continued the program in the end of 2014 in Palumbon Asri Residence, West Karawang with the total unit approximately 500 houses.
 “All particular members of PPMI and laborers in Karawang had been covered. For example, in western area, we established residences in Taman Palumbon Asri Residence, in central area there is Citra Swarna Pratama Residence, as for eastern area, the residences had built in Citra Swarna Grande Residence,” added a man who usually called by Kang Odeg, as he gave an explanation.

According to the man who actively serve as the Head of Training and Missionary Sector of PPA PPMI of PT. Supravisi Rama Optik MFG, the houses that they facilitated as a joint program with the housing developer, were intended for their members, including the 110 laborers who just signed the purchase agreement in Citra Swarna Grande Residence. But they give the opportunity from the laborers of other unions to sign up through PPMI.

Source: Bahasa Indonesia

PPRI: Allowance for Poor People as the Responsibility of the State, Jakarta – In the event of approaching Ramadhan and Eid Day, the price of daily consumer goods soar drastically. The rising prices obviously affected the poor people. Not only the laborers, poor people deeply feel how their life become heavier. Various kinds of social aid pledged by Indonesian government have distributed unequally to those who need it.

If the laborers and other workers will feel wonderful after receiving Allowance (THR) of Eid Day, how about the poor? They can only hope for donations and helps from the philanthropies, they also need to risk their lives as they jostle and be in a tight spot when queuing for donations. In fact, the lives of poor people itself supposed to be the responsibility of the government.

It is genuine that in the meantime the activists from various circles, that join in Indonesian Resistance Center (PPRI) later issued a statement, that the THR for poor people should be a responsibility of the country. During a certain period of time, the government has been providing a large amount of THR to the country officials that are already rich.
“As a taxpayer, the poor supposed to receive THR from the government. The government have to manage all consumer needs for Eid Day such as food, clothing, pastry, the expenses of returning home or visiting relatives and recreational expenses from the state funds. All of unnecessary spending, such as THR for the ministers, presidential staff, governors, regents, mayors, regional officials, the head of government agencies, BUMN officers, sub-district head and village chief have to be diverted for the sakes of the poor,” said PPRI on their statement that received by, Tuesday (30/6/2015).

Beside that, civil servants and private company employees have been felt the joy of getting THR for Idul Fitri purposes. According to the activists of PPRI that derived from various organizations, such as Indonesian Migrant Workers Union (SBMI), Indonesians’ Struggle Union (SPRI), Solidarity Alliance for Labor Struggle (GSPB), Progressive Migrant Alliance-HK (AMP-HK), Indonesian Cultural Society Union (SEBUMI), Students’ Struggles Center for National Liberation (PEMBEBASAN), Political Alternative Committee (KPA), and PPRI, valued all that happened is totally unfair for the poor.
“It is unfair if THR only provided to civil servants and private company employees. It is time for the government to guarantee THR for the poor. Thus, there will not be any poor people who commit criminal acts or lost their lives because of jostling for tithe (zakat) or donations on the eve of Eid,” added PPRI in their statement.

Therefore, PPRI held a protest in front of the office of Ministry of Social Affairs and Indonesian Parliament, Tuesday (30/6/2015), to insist the government to allocate the state funds for the poor’s THR. In this protest, there were four demands that delivered to the Government of Indonesia, as follows:

  1. The government have to provide THR for poor people immediately.

  2. Allocate national and regional funds for the THR of poor people.

  3. The government and Parliament have to immediately legalize the law stated THR for poor people become the responsibility of the country.

  4. Stop THR for the government officials (presidential staff, ministries, government agencies, governors, regents, sub-district and village chiefs) and shifted it to the poor.

Source: Bahasa Indonesia

Celebrating International Domestic Workers’ Day, PPRI Protests Demanding Protection For Domestic Workers, Jakarta – In order to celebrate International Domestic Workers’ Day on June 16, 2015, Indonesians Resistance Center (PPRI) held a protest against the Government of Indonesia in front of DPR (People's Representative Council)/ MPR (People's Consultative Assembly) Building , on Tuesday (16/6/2015). PPRI fought for equality of rights and utmost protections for every domestic workers of Indonesia that work overseas.

[caption id="attachment_269" align="alignleft" width="300"]ppri in domestic workers day The demonstration held by PPRI on International Domestic Workers Day, on June 16, 2015.[/caption]

The action was followed by 75 masses derive from various organizations, namely, Indonesian Migrant Workers Union (SBMI/ Serikat Buruh Migran Indonesia), Solidarity Alliance for Labor Struggle (GSPB/ Gabungan Solidaritas Perjuangan Buruh), and Students’ Struggles Center for National Liberation (Pembebasan). There were also representatives from Indonesians’ Struggle Union (SPRI/ Serikat Perjuangan Rakyat Indonesia) and Association that participated in the demonstration.

The masses started the protest on 11.00 WIB. It was led by the field coordinator, Nisma Abdullah from SBMI. At first, they delivered the action in front of the right-side gate of DPR/ MPR Building then they were moving to the left-side gate. Unfortunately, the security forces were not showing an hostile demeanor by closing the gates.
“Two people represented the masses, they were Nisma and Ata. They were entering the hall and lobbying in order to meet the Commission XI of Legislative Assembly, but they didn’t get to meet them. They got information about the members of Commission XI instead, that were currently making a visit to West Nusa Tenggara,” explained Ramches Merdeka, the Vice Chairman of National Management Council (DPN) of SBMI to, on Thursday, June 18, 2015.

In the protest itself, they conveyed several demands to the Government of Indonesia and the people’s representatives. Their demands were shown on the banners and posters that they brought to the demonstration, such as ‘Domestic workers are also workers, legitimize the Law on Domestic Workers!’, ‘Reject a Memorandum of Understanding – Remove the treaty, convert into an Agreement’, ‘Release Indonesian Domestic Workers from the death penalty threat’, ‘Give reasonable wage and rights to Indonesian Domestic Workers according to their placement country’, and ‘Serve an eternal protection for Indonesian Domestic Workers, Reject Social Security Administrative Bodies (BPJS)’.

They also had an oration to deliver the demands of Indonesian Domestic Workers (BMI). Even Nurani, a former Indonesian Domestic Worker who previously worked in Kuwait – who was tortured by her employer which led to a disablement and didn’t get her wages paid for about 10 year – also did commit an oration.
“Nuraini only able to confess her wishes and prayers to The God for her recovery and get paid for her 10 years unpaid wages during her worktime in Kuwait,” told Ramches.

Around 13.00 WIB, the protesters left the DPR/MPR Building, but then continued their action in front of Ministry of Manpower (Kemenaker) Building, at Gatot Subroto Street, Jakarta. In this action, the representatives of the masses were approved by the Indonesian Manpower Protection Section. This Section of Ministry of Manpower was pledged to bring Nuraini immediately to the hospital within a week and follow-up her demand concerning her wages. Beside, they approved the masses’ demand regarding the legitimation of Law on Domestic Workers.

Source: Bahasa Indonesia