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Style5, Jakarta - Four representatives of the West Java Alliance, namely Wahidin, Benny Adam, Sarinah, and Danial Indrakusuma came to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Wednesday (29/04/2015), in Jakarta. The representatives were received by the Legal Bureau of Ministry of Home Affairs, Erma Wahyu and Maharani J.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="300"] The representatives of West Java Alliance conduct hearings with the Legal Bureau of Ministry of Home Affairs, April 30, 2015.[/caption]

The West Java Alliance urged the cancellation of the Regional Regulation No. 6  of 2014 on employment in West Java, after receiving information from the Ministry of Manpower had recommended the revocation of this labour regional regulation.

"We come here from afar because we receive information from Mr. Sahat Sinurat, from the Ministry of Labour. We ask this regional regulation must be repealed as it contravenes the Act. Imagine that there is an article which states that any regulation to the contrary of this labour regional regulation is null. It means this regulation is higher than the Act, "said Wahidin.

Information about this recommendation was revealed in Trade Union Rights Center (TURC) Seminar on the Evaluation of Jokowi’s Government Performance, 28-29 April 2015. The West Java Alliance responded this information by coming to Ministry of Home Affairs.

In response, Erma Wahyuni, from the Legal Bureau of Ministry of Home Affairs, stated that Perdanaker can be canceled without waiting for the Supreme Court decision.

"This regional regulation can be canceled immediately. We've often canceled regulation which contravenes the Act,” she said.
Unfortunately, the representative of Kemendagri had not learned about the revocation recommendation and requested about two months to review the recommendation from Menakertrans.
"No, it is almost two months since we send the cancellation request," said Danial Indrakusuma.

The West Java Alliance protested against the West Java Regional Regulation No. 6 of 2014 since 4 March 2015 and they have not got any explanation until now. In this meeting, the West Java Alliance urged the Minister of Home Affairs to immediately cancel this regulation and stated that they planned to carry out a large-scale action soon.

Source: Bahasa Indonesia 

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